by flat1976

Flat vol.1


Flat vol.1/mixed by Y.Nakamata
flt-001 \1050(tax in)

1. quantic&nickodemus/mi swing es tropical
2. soul scream/ひと夜のバカンス
3. asayake production/r scorpion
4. moca only/live from rio
5. ugly duckling/a little salsa remix
6. chico mendoza/I'm so excited
7. tito rodriguez/cara de payaso
8. mini all stars/analizando
9. bobby rodiriguez/sunday kind of love
10.little joe&la familia/el alacran
12.pastiche/my love so sweet
14.john pizzarelli jr./hit the jive jack
15.peter dean/four or five times
16.scatman crothers/手紙でも書こうか
17.nrbq/music goes round and around
18.louis jordan/caldonia
19.zanini/tu la monde aime ma baby
20.teresa brewer/ol' man mose
21.brian setzer orchestra/dirty boogie
22.georgia gibbs/i want you to be my baby
23.the crazy jacks/liszt stomp
24.jewish monkeys/koshernostra mix
25.your song is good x beat crusaders/our melody
by flat1976 | 2007-12-16 21:25 | Flat MIX CD